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National supervision board visits BMHRI



Xun Huanzhong, chairman of the supervisory board for large State-Owned Enterprises of the State Council, paid a visit to Beijing Materials Handling Research Institute (BMHRI), one of Sinomach’s subsidiaries, on Oct 26.

A team headed by Xun Huanzhong learns about Sinomach’s Beijing-based materials research institute at the meeting held on Oct 26. [Photo/]

The team received a report from the institute about its profile, operations, accomplishments, and significant events this year, plus the challenges currently facing the organization.

The country’s manufacturing industry has recently been experiencing a period of stagnation and a significant number of China’s large machinery manufacturers are currently facing difficult circumstances, according to Xun Huanzhong. He praised BMHRI for its progress under such conditions and stressed that the company must have the potential to forge ahead with its R&D, utilizing its considerable financial resources. Xun singled out the strong leadership of Sinomach Group in developing its subsidiary companies.

Xun also gave advice to BMHRI on better integrating its industrial development with its scientific research. He expressed his hopes that the institution would expand and innovate, and maintain growth by giving full emphasis to its preponderant business areas.

Xu Jian, a board director of Sinomach, instructed BMHRI to follow up the issues and future areas for focus raised by Chairman Xun, and work on its development priorities. He expressed his view that BMHRI should improve at R&D and become more competitive in its sector.

Beijing Materials Handling Research Institute, a subsidiary of China National Machinery Industry Corporation (Sinomach), is a State-owned company targeting scientific and technological research and production. It was founded in 1958 and has expanded its businesses to cover four dominant areas; automation logistics, warehousing, hoisting machinery, passenger ropeway systems, and materials handling.

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