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Sinomach merges BMHRI with IPPR



Sinomach has announced that it will merge two of its subsidiary companies — Beijing Materials Handling Research Institute (BMHRI) and China IPPR International Engineering Co Ltd — during a conference held in Beijing on Nov 4.

Sinomach has decided to transfer 100 percent of BMHRI’s property rights to IPPR without any additional conditions, and further promote the integration of resources of BMHRI and IPRR, to forge a commercial platform, using the two firm’s complementary strengths to improve Sinomach’s competitiveness.

BMHRI will exist independently as a second-level legal entity of IPPR, while keeping its own commercial brand and industrial position.

During the conference, the spokesperson read out the merger approval documents, as well as the names of the new management for the new company.

Shi Ke, chairman of Sinomach, stated that the reorganization of the two companies will promote mutual cooperation and the utilization of their complementary strengths, improve the industrial chain, and improve competitiveness.

"I hope all of the working members can seize the opportunity of the reorganization and work hard together to pursue development through advanced management concepts, spur development momentum, and forge IPRR into an innovative enterprise that enjoys national and international recognition," said Shi.

Leaders from both BMHRI and IPRR also expressed their determination to search for common areas of development during the conference.

Sinomach held a conference in Beijing on Nov 4, to declare the merger of BMHRI and IPRR. [Photo/]

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