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Sinomach injects impetus into autumn harvest



A "Dongfanghong" series tractor, developed by YTO, works in a cornfield. [Photo/YTO]

A series of events have been held across the country to mark the fourth Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival on September 23 -- which is also this year’s autumn equinox, one of the 24 solar terms of the Chinese lunar calendar. It usually falls during the country’s agricultural harvest season -- ahead of what is predicted this year to be a bumper autumn harvest.

Autumn grain crops, which include corn and middle and late-season rice, account for the bulk of grain production. Sinomach subsidiary YTO Group Corporation (YTO), as a main supplier of corn harvesters, has built up its strength to secure comprehensive guaranteed service for the anticipated autumn harvest.

A harvesting machinery and tools company affiliated to YTO has set up work groups to provide security services for machine parts, safety operation, technical support and trouble removal. More than 60 service teams composed of over 200 staff are poised for action.

In August, the company started communicating with different marketing regions to establish spare parts storage and to set up spare parts warehouses and mobile vehicles in the service region, all to ensure supplies. It also organized a skills training for the autumn harvest to improve its members’ professional competence and perfect their reactions to events in an effort to better serve the customers.

This year’s autumn harvest service is expected to launch in mid-September and end in early November. More than 1,000 vehicles and more than 200 service outlets will be involved in the work plan.

Some regional service teams have already set out to conduct targeted training before the harvest season, and guide users to run the machines and teach them some practical troubleshooting methods.

A YTO affiliated diesel engine company conducted a market survey in a timely manner and pre-arranged planning to ensure tailored services in cooperation with local service outlets. It has established 26 central warehouses, 26 flagship store distribution centers and nearly 1,000 spare parts stores throughout the country, which will provide large-scale and uninterrupted service during this autumn harvest period.

The company will also carry out follow-up service according to the crop maturity, and send product engineers on field trips so as to learn more about the adaptability of products and provide better technical support. It strives to improve production technology and product quality, and to pump powerful, efficient and fuel-saving green power into the country’s agricultural development.

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