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CMEC water plant project draws widespread praise in Angola



Design drawing of CMEC Candelabro Water Plant Phase-III Project [Photo/CMEC]

The phase-III construction of the Candelabro Water Plant, a key public-benefit project of Angola, was recently featured for three days on the TV program "Angola in Progress" produced by TPA, the country's national broadcaster. The project was undertaken by Sinomach subsidiary China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CEMC).

Reports on the plant detail its background, construction schedule and quality and its environmental and safety monitoring system, as well as the epidemic control measures taken in the work.

When completed the project will be interconnected with the phase I and II water plants, also constructed by CMEC. Water quality monitoring and overall balanced water supply will be achieved through remote collection of water sample data and centralized dispatching.

After interconnection, the plant will have a daily capacity of 210,000 cubic meters, which will benefit nearly two million people in nine regions including the capital Luanda. The "Water City Candelabra" will come into being and solve the problem of people's difficult access to drinking water.

The reports also highlight the project team's systematic training for local technical and administrative personnel to foster a long-term technical management and operation team for sustainable development of the project. The team members also help residents build community roads, water intake stations, schools and sports facilities, bringing more convenient life for local people.

A local worker of the CMEC Candelabro Water Plant shares his feelings in an interview. [Photo/CMEC]

The media coverage also tells the stories of local employees who have worked for CMEC for more than a decade and have grown up with the company. Some CMEC employees studied at universities and returned to work for the company after graduation as assistant engineers and are now specialized in safety, mechanical projects, and surveying.

Local employees said in interviews that CMEC has given employees ample opportunities for career development. Every participant of the project has gained a sense of happiness and security and a feeling of affiliation as a member of the CMEC family.

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